Peer pressure is when a student is influenced by fellow peers to do something, most of the time not good. Very many students fall victim to this.

Some parents watch their previously well-behaved children take a rebellious turn and develop bad behaviour. Most times, this behaviour is influenced by bad peer groups or individuals.

You’ll see teens taking alcohol, disrespecting elders (teachers and parents), missing classes and forgetting what they are supposed to be doing in school — a result of peer pressure.

Some think if they refuse to do something done by their peers, even if it’s bad, they will not be considered ‘friends’ or they will be laughed at.

The biggest problem is that children who are influenced by this kind of peer pressure fail their studies, and we all know that failure in school can destroy one’s career and whole life.

All students should know how to take control when faced with situations that could cause harm. Strive to achieve success through learning and say ‘no’ to what will put you in harm’s way.

Do what is right, and ask for advice if faced with a challenging situation. Parents and teachers must work together to follow-up on students’ behaviour to avoid negative peer pressure. Let’s all put in effort and avoid bad peer pressure and its damaging effects on students and society as a whole.