Our Origins and Story

The team at TutorPages is proud to be representing all our registered tutors

And will continue supporting their efforts for years to come. The support our TutorPages team offers comes with dedicated time spent by our Academic Coordinator, who has and continues to create affiliations with schools of all levels, and other learning institutions.

The successful efforts made by our Academic Coordinator in creating these affiliations, helps bring awareness to students, parents, and teachers interested in the services our tutor co-op provides.

The collaboration of efforts from our tutor coop and TutorPages staff is all part of the success that TutorPages.com will bring to those we encourage to use

CEO TutorPages

Our Service

With the new design and upgraded features

We have made our online service more user friendly for those who want to create a profile and for those who will make a search. With our new features that allow tutors to receive reviews by students and be rated with our star rating system, TutorPages has brought searching for a tutor to a whole new level. These new features have increased the value of each of our tutors and will benefit students and parents in search of a tutor that is suitable to their needs. TutorPages is here to make the connection with ease and confidence, and our team is dedicated everyday in making that happen.


TutorPages.com is a web site designed for students to find tutors.

The students and tutors are not our responsibility if anything goes wrong between them two. In other words, TutorPages.com is not responsible for the actions or sessions between all tutors and all students.

We are just a site providing information about a service that others will provide and charge a fee for.

If you use our search engine to locate a tutor or have registered with us then you have accepted this Agreement and are not able to file any legal acquisitions against TutorPages.com or the owner, no matter what the complaint or accusation. TutorPages.com is designed to be the middle ground where Students and Tutors can meet and benefit from one another. Tutors registered with us will be evaluated but we cannot promise your full satisfaction by choosing a tutor from our database. Although, it is in our very best interest to make sure we provide enough tutors to cover the needs of our students.

This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the Site and/or are a Member of TutorPages.com. You may terminate your membership at any time. Upon receipt by TutorPages.com of your written or eMail notice of termination, the account will be terminated.

TutorPages.com has a right to terminate your subscription and account if you have harassed a tutor or student by any means. If TutorPages.com terminates your membership because of complaints against you, you will not be entitled to any refund of any unused subscription fees. If you have any questions concerning our Disclaimer, feel free to voice your opinions or questions.