Signing up is easy! On every page, in the gray header area there is a link named Tutors (link to become a tutor page) for you to click on. This link will lead you to the "BECOME A TUTOR" page, where you can select registration options that will better your listing position and appearance. Once you have made your selection(s), click the "CONTINUE REGISTRATION" link to fill out your profile information. And that is it, you're done!

The Featured Tutors list is designed for you to view other tutors the user might want to search for in the future. This gives an extra exposure for tutors who will be shown in this list as searches are made. These Featured Tutors will be randomized from our database which gives all tutors the opportunity to be in the Featured Tutors list.

TutorPages provides many ways for your listing to be recognized by a student. When a student performs a search, TutorPages made it possible for the result listings to be randomized. Therefore, making it possible for your name to be one of the TOP listings. Take the time to enter detailed information in your profile. Students/Parents do spend the time to read your profile and take everything in consideration, so be as informative as you can about your tutoring background. A tip from our Tut


Student registration is free!! The registration process is simple and quick. How to proceed, click on the profile link located on top of every page. From there you will be asked to fill in the fields that will identify you. Once you have registered, you will have access to multiple features on TutorPages website. Features that consist of giving a tutor a review, rating a tutor with star system, create a post on our student board when looking for a tutor, and message a tutor directly from their p

Our stylish search bar is available to you right on the homepage and menu bar. Just choose the subject you are looking for, then all the courses will be displayed from the subject chosen. After your selections, you will press GO and TutorPages will direct you to a page with full of tutor listings for you to make the best selection to fit your needs. Get your search on!

Simple! Just click on their name. If you would like to return to the results from the tutors’ profile, simply click on the "back to results" link located on top of the profile. What is the Featured Tutors list for? The Featured Tutors list is designed for you to view other subject searches you may want to make in the future. We want you to acknowledge that TutorPages is designed to meet all your needs that concerns learning. If a listing interests you, click on the name in order to view the tu

In order to write a review for a tutor, you need to SIGN UP as a student. It will take you no longer than 30 seconds to become part of our community. The review feature will be displayed in the tutor profile when you perform a search. In addition use the star rating system located in the tutors’ profile as well in order to rate their services.

You may delete your account at anytime. Simply SIGN IN to your profile and click on the DELETE button at the end of your profile. No questions asked.